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buffalo chickpea-bella baked avocado - Smooth and creamy avocado with a hearty spicy filling and a contrast of tangy goat cheese dotted throughout. Divine….RECIPE

"Brainwash yourself to be a bad-ass. “I LOVE to compete. I LOVE how I can tolerate pain. I am strong and tough and freaking awesome.” Every quality you need this season is inside you. You just have to bring it out with practice. Every morning, on your warmups, every night, say those things to yourself. Seriously. Pro athletes do it. It works."

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this lunch smoothie is probably the reason people lose weight off the cleanse

9/10 people definitely just skipped it and chose to starve instead

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Day 1 - Lunch

  • pineapple
  • coconut oil
  • kale
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • almond milk
  • lime

Dr. Oz told me that the lunch smoothie would taste like a pina colada - I’m calling bullshit on that one Doc. This is gross. In future, if I ever want to make myself puke voluntarily, I’ll whip this one up. And the worst part about this one is it doesn’t even blend properly. It’s basically chunks of god-knows-what floating around in green water. Plus it made way more smoothie than I’d actually ever be able to drink, so I doubled the coconut oil and I’ll eat the rest tomorrow. Yeah eat. Not drink.

In addition to my suffering at the hands of this monstrosity of a meal, my dad brought home bagels, so everyone’s eating everything bagels and cream cheese and butter and laughing at me while I gag down the rest of my “lunch”. Currently hating this detox and Dr. Oz and life and everything.



I love hummus

Hummus is everything, you ignorant bitch.



I love hummus

Hummus is everything, you ignorant bitch.

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i thought being on tumblr would make this easier with tons of fitspo pics but everyone just reblogs pictures of food so now i’m just hungry

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